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Broadband Downloads:

One of the things i love most about Broadband is the ability to Download stuff for FREE. I am currently writing this article whilst listening to an album I downloaded less than 30 minutes ago, price; FREE! software to download it; FREE. Imagine downloading just about anything you want for free.

Free Music Download Sites Reviewed:

Below is the result of my download travels, the very best of the Free sites in one place. Click on the banner to visit.

Free Music – Download Site Review

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  • Films
  • Video
  • TV Series (new and old)
  • Individual Songs
  • Complete Albums (new and old)

Want to give it a try? click on the following link, but remember to come back to us afterwards we are just getting started! and you really don’t want to miss the rest of this article!

Free Music Videos (Type in the bands name and then click on the video tab….its that easy).

Music Downloads

Everybody has heard of the Mighty Napster, now download it for free and try it yourself.
“Napster Official Site” You can click on the large banner below or use this text link.

Listen to your choice of over 1,000,000 songs as often as you want
Download an unlimited amount of music to listen to offline
Keep all the music you download for as long as you want to
be a Member
Enjoy 40+ advert-free, interactive radio stations or create
your own
Download music from 45 years of the Official UK Album & Singles Charts

Download Films

Download the latest Hollywood films, Legally! click below to find out more. This internet thing is truly amazing. I must have listened and downloaded £100,000 pounds worth of films and music this year, and haven’t paid more than a curry and pint for the privilege!